Monday, June 15, 2009


HI YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!
IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!

Fifth grade was very fun, but it is nice not to have to follow school routines any more!!!!
I hope you guys have a great summer, to!!

My baseball season is over, but it was LOTS of fun!!!!

~ adriel dolphin

P.S. Maybe I'll have more time to update my blog, now that there is no more school!!!!


Laura_M said...

Hey Tashi - happy summer! What do you plan to read?

I have smiled at the pictures of you with Tristan; he's lucky to have you as his big sis.

I miss you and your mom and dad, and hope we'll see you and meet your brother soon.


Life at Bemer's House said...

Did you finally get someone who could pitch to a lefty hitter? What are you doing this summer?? Hope you have time for me to visit in August. I can't wait to see you!! Love, Aunt Sue